Connecting Teachers

Over the past few weeks, we have begun to see some our Teachers’ Global Classroom goals becoming a reality …

1) We are interested in exploring ways to create global dialogue and discussion amongst teachers and students; enabling them to learn together and build cross-cultural understandings and respect

2) We are working together to build an authentic, global learning community; showcasing how teachers can share resources, expertise, and support through global collaborative projects and personal learning networks (PLNs).

Global Classroom Manifesto – Teacher’s Goals

We’ve been making connections … both global AND local …

“His is SOOooooo cool to be sitting here talking with people around the world I would NEVER have connected with – thank you all for existing and being here!”  – Launch Webinar Comment


“[I had] A chance meeting with the first Western Australian Global Classroom participant; an encounter which will hopefully lead to the creation of a ‘global geocaching’ project for 2012.”  (

And we come from amazingly diverse community and school backgrounds ….

diverse backgrounds

“Hello everyone. It´t just fantastic to join a global group like this. I´m Stefan from Denmark, Northern Europe. This year I´m teaching 1st graders (7-8Y) and I will follow the class up to 6th grade. I also teach 9th grades and work as school librarian part time. I teach Danish, Music, Religions study and English.”

“Howdy from Texas! … I’m Louise … I teach a lively and diverse group of 2nd graders (7-8 yr olds) and am looking forward to expanding worlds through the Global Classroom. … My goal with the Global Classroom is to open our doors to new experiences and learning possibilities.”

“Bonjour and Hello from France … Hi Everyone! I’m Sarah and I teach English as a foreign language to students in preschool through CM2 (Grade 5 or Year 6) in a small, private school in the suburbs of Paris..”

Google Groups / Email Discussion Lists – Introductions

Through the Global Classroom Project, we are working to enable teachers around the world to connect, share, learn and collaborate on a global stage.

We provide 4 major collaborative discussion platforms for our teachers, run by members of our global management team:

1. Email Discussion Lists (Google Groups)

    • Simple Sign Up – Email us for the group link
    • 1-2 emails a week
    • Quick and easy way to introduce yourself, float ideas, and contribute to discussions about ongoing and upcoming #globalclassroom projects
    • You can join with ANY email account
    • Highly Recommended

2. Facebook K-12 Teachers’ Discussion Group

    • Registered #globalclassroom participants can request to join here.
    • A place to keep in touch with ongoing projects, #globalclassroom news, and teacher discussion

3. Edmodo Groups – For Teachers and Students

    • Likened to “Facebook for School”, Edmodo is extremely simple to use, and is a safe and secure (closed) discussion platform for teachers and students
    • Sign up is via group codes (shared via email)
    • Very popular with teachers AND students
    • Exciting new K-3, Grades 4-6, and Grades 7-8 Student Groups have enabled global conversations between students in several countries.

4. Monthly Twitter Chat

    • We hope to announce details of our inaugural #globalclassroom Twitter chat within the next few weeks
    • We expect to run two chats at different times, to enable maximum coverage of our global timezones.
    • These chats will be moderated by participant teachers, and archived on our wiki

Watching a Global Learning Community come to life

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen our #globalclassroom dreams and community come to life. All of those weeks of planning, discussion, and preparation are paying dividends.

Our global management team have been working tirelessly to make our Teacher Discussion Groups, and our first global projects a reality, and we look forward to sharing more details about our latest #globalclassroom projects and happenings over the next few weeks.

If you have any questions about our Teacher Discussion Platforms, please leave a comment below this post, or email us at Thanks!


4 thoughts on “Connecting Teachers

  1. Congratulations to everyone involved in the global classroom project. Already some of my class have learned lots from students across the world in the edmodo penpals project. The Americans are asking about netball and my Australian students have never heard of lacrosse! It is great to think that all these small things will help bring about increased global understanding in the future.
    I look forward to sharing and joining in with more teachers as the year progresses.

    • Hi Pru! Many thanks for sharing your story!

      This is what #globalclassroom is all about – making the little connections, between our teachers and our students, that will lead to greater global understanding & new global friendships over time.

      We’re hoping to share students’ thoughts on #globalclassroom in an upcoming post. We’d love to hear some of your students’ contributions 🙂

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