Building our Wiki Community

In this post, we’ll explore the aims, guidelines, and ideas for the Global Classroom 2011-12 wiki; sharing how our participant teachers and students can share their ideas, projects, and learning with the #globalclassroom community and the world.


Key Goals for the Global Classroom 2011-12 Wiki

  • To provide a general overview of the Global Classroom organisation and community guidelines (e.g. project communications)
  • To provide a central platform for teachers to share project ideas, students’ learning products (e.g videos), and insights into their classrooms (example). 
  • To provide a space for students to contribute to class pages / projects
  • To share project publications and presentations (e.g. our Manifesto and Launch Webinar)
  • To create a digital repository of our teachers’ global projects – sharing project aims, structure, and final learning products

wiki map

Who can contribute?

All of our Global Classroom teachers, and students are invited to contribute to our 2011-12 wiki; and we’d love to have you add your ideas to our list below!

Our Wiki Editors, Michael Graffin (Western Australia), Ms Kyle Dunbar (USA), and Kimberley Rivett (New Zealand) have laid the foundations of this wiki community, and we look forward to working with our teachers to bring it to life over the months to come (see our Wiki Guidelines).

Ideas for Wiki Contributions

  • Overviews of your global projects (e.g. A Glimpse Around the World)
  • Class pages – a page for your class to share photos, videos, etc about your learning space, school, and local community
  • VoiceThreads, student videos, presentations, eduglogster posters, ….

And the list goes on …. Please add your ideas in the comments below!


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