@frugalteacher’s Global Classroom Map (USA)

One of the primary goals of The Global Classroom Project blog is to share our teachers’ and students’ stories as they engage in our various projects & activities.

Today, we are happy to share Mrs Louise Morgan’s (Texas, USA) Global Classroom Map, an idea which we hope will inspire similar maps all over the world!

Mrs Louise Morgan can be found on Twitter as @frugalteacher, and the original version of this post can be found on her blog here.

A Hallway Display to be Proud Of!

I just created this Global Classroom Project map on the wall outside our room. We are hoping to add more schools from other countries soon! 

So far we have one international contact – A cupcake greeting  from Mrs. Harrison’s class in Belfast, Northern Ireland!  

Our contacts in the U.S. include students sharing on Edmodo in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York.  We are also working on a seasons project with a school on Long Island, NY and a Voice Thread project with a school in Ohio!  


Do you have a #globalclassroom story to share? Are you interested in sharing a guest post about your global project or reflections?

Please email us a link @ globalclassroomorganisers@gmail.com.


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