The Global Hello Project (K-12)

Mrs Smith (@hthehippo) and her 3rd Grade class from Greenville Wisconsin, USA, also enjoy participating in global collaboration projects. Here is Mrs Smith’s blog post about their latest project:

The Global Hello Project actually began in an unconventional way in the Spring of 2011. During snack in our classroom we often watch creative or educational videos. We discovered the band OK GO and their giant Rube Goldberg machine which ran to their song This Too Shall Pass. We were hooked on OK GO!

After checking out their other videos we decided we MUST come up with our own video that would be creative, but academic as well. We worked with another 4th grade classroom to create our own video. Mr. Harris and I had our students research how to say “hello” in different languages. Then, we asked them to write screenplays about specific parts of their day to act out in a video.

The video is here on School Tube (for some reason I cannot embed School Tube vids on WordPress!): Hello From Greenville Elementary!

Once the video was created, we thought it’d be awesome to share it.

The Global Hello Project was born. We began promoting it on Skype Education ( and have had great successes with connecting with students in other places in a simple way. Some schools have simply posted their web addresses and blog sites. Other schools have put up Glogs of their classroom, videos and photos.

In my classroom we’ll be tracking the schools on our giant Global Connections map with a specific color pin. We’ve kept it simple so that classrooms do not have to deal with connecting with different time zones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t contact each other to connect further!

You can join this project in a couple of different ways:

Email me:

Join the wiki: The Global Hello Project

When you Email or join the wiki please include the name and location of your school in your message. For example, we are Greenville Elementary School, Greenville, WI USA. I will make a page for you and your school. Then add your details (photos, sites, glogs, prezi’s etc.) when you are ready. Students at any grade level/age are welcome.

We would love to welcome you to this project!


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