Project Announcement: Kids Speak (K-3 Project)

Another new Global Classroom Project – this time “Authentic Voices of Children World Wide- Kids Speak ~2011-2012”!

Mrs Frazier and her class are once again launching their Kids Speak VoiceThread project. Students will work collaboratively in ONE shared VoiceThread to ask questions and share life experiences that enable the student to grasp the project goals. Students and teachers are encouraged to post questions, videos, documents, and/or photos to the shared VoiceThread. All work will be authentic and child created.

Project Coordinator: Deb Frazier, USA

Duration: September 2011 – June 2012

Grade Level / Age Group: Pre-K to Grade 3 (5-9 years old).

Contact: DM @frazierde on Twitter, email or leave a comment below this post!

Click on the image below to see last year’s project:


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