Please Support the “Hana’s Suitcase” Twitter Chat (Nov 10)

This important, upcoming event came to us via Heidi Siwak (@HeidiSiwak) in Canada; and we’d love to see some of our #globalclassroom teachers & students contribute to this amazing initiative!

Heidi Siwak’s Grade 6 class, @class62siwak, is preparing to host it’s first GLOBAL Twitter Chat on November 10, in time for Remembrance Day 2011.


We bring you a guest post by Megan, a student in Heidi’s class, explaining the purpose of the #hana62 chat. It was originally published here.

On November 10th 2011, something amazing is going to happen.

It will be a major event on Twitter! Class 62 at Dundas Central will be hosting a global twitter chat on World War Two. But there is one little girl we will be focusing on, her name is Hana Brady. Hana Brady had a wonderful life before war. She had a loving family and a house. When World War Two struck this little girl’s life changed.

We will be honoring her on November 10th, 2011 on Twitter at #hana62. Our class has read her book and we have learned lots about her and we would love to share our knowledge about her with you.

Also if you know anything about Peace, World War Two, Refugees, Survivors and Of course, Hana Brady and her family, we are always willing to know more.

Our global chat will start November 10th, 2011 at midnight and go for 24 hours straight. Anyone or any class out there please join us to honor her life and family on twitter at #hana62.

Thanks, Dundas Central

How can you get involved?

Teachers, students, and interested people are invited to share their thoughts on peace, war, WWII, or the holocaust; contributing links, songs, poems, artwork, blogs using the #hana62 hashtag.

Please add your location to the map!

“If you’ve read about this project or will be participating on the day, please pin your location on our #hana62 Google Map. Simply click on edit and drag a pin marker to your location.

In Grade 6 Ontario, our Social Studies unit is “Canada’s Links to the World” and rather than just learning about the world, we are going to link to the world! We’d really like to see what your area looks like so if you could add a picture or video that would be fabulous!”

You can find out about this student-run, real-world project at 21st Century Classroom: The Amaryllis. If you have any questions, please tweet @class62siwak, or @HeidiSiwak.

We wish Class 62 all the best for their impressive initiative!


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