Announcing the Inaugural #globalclassroom Twitter Chats

Well, we are finally in a position to announce our inaugural Global Classroom Project Twitter Chats. Thankyou to everyone who voted in our Twitter polls!

We will be running two monthly chats using the #globalclassroom hashtag. These chats will be held at different times to try and cater to as many of our teachers as possible. Don’t worry if you can’t attend in person! The chats will be archived on our wiki for future reference.


The Topic?

The theme of the inaugural #globalclassroom Twitter Chats will be “Connecting Teachers”

Participant teachers will have the opportunity to introduce themselves, and share their teaching backgrounds, interests, projects, blogs, etc with the #globalclassroom community and the world!

We expect future chat topics will be nominated and voted upon by our #globalclassroom teachers.

When and Where?

Are you in Europe, Africa, or the Americas?

The inaugural #globalclassroom chat will be held THIS Saturday (November 12), at:

12PM Los Angeles, 3PM New York, 8PM London, 10PM Cape Town

Are you in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the Americas?

The second #globalclassroom chat will cross the day/night meridian, and will be held on a Monday night in the Americas, which will be Tuesday morning in the Asia/Pacific.

This inaugural Asia/Pacific chat will be held on November 14/15, at:

4PM Los Angeles, 7PM New York – Monday night
8AM – Beijing, 11AM Sydney, 1PM – Auckland – Tuesday morning

Can you help with moderation and archiving of the #globalclassroom chats?

We are still looking for people to help moderate and archive our Twitter chats over the coming months! We are sharing the load across an international group of teachers, and no experience is necessary! We’ll provide you with all the information & training you need!

We plan to use The Archivist – Desktop Version (Windows) to archive our chats, and export tweets to an Excel file – which we will edit & share on the Global Classroom Project Wiki. If you are able to keep a backup archive on our behalf, please email it to us!

If you can help, please tweet @mgraffin or

Together, we can make these chats a vibrant, central feature of our #globalclassroom community. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


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