Bilingual Blogging

Teaching 1st graders in the Danish Public School means focusing on basic areas of Danish language. In Denmark, English is introduced in 3rd grade.

Nevertheless I found it important going global to enlarge the global awareness of my pupils and open the door to other cultures and nations. Awareness of differences gives greater socialisation in class as well.

Our class blog is written in both Danish and English. Danish so the pupils and their parents can follow our daily work (portfolio like) and in English to begin cultural collaboration as for relatives in other countries. In that way we gain several learning goals.

Our first big collaborative project is about “The Global Lunch Table”. What we eat and how we get our food for lunch in different parts of the world. It was an initiative from our friends in Room 14, Hamilton East School, New Zealand

Our next task is to filming what we have written about our lunch in Danish and then have our ´Better Buddies` from 6th grade to read it in English. It will be published on the blog. In that way we also get an athentic collaboration in school between 1st and 6th graders.

Doing bilingual blogging easily helps pupils who do not speak English to start being 2nd language learners.

You can visit our class blog here: and you are welcome to contact me for further information.

Stefan Åge Nielsen – Vonsild School, Denmark
@snskole (Twitter)
stefan.aage.nielsen (Skype)


One thought on “Bilingual Blogging

  1. what a nice idea – to count books which have been read in such a simple and visible way! I think it motivates children a lot and makes them feel tempted to fill up the bottles! Nadia, an English teacher from Russia

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