“Below the Tip of the Iceberg” #globalclassroom Chat – December 2011

As teachers engaged in global projects, we are opening up our classrooms to the world; and exposing our students to different lives and cultures around the world. We are building opportunities for kids to talk to kids, to learn from eachother, … yet this is just the beginning.

We want our students to relate to the children they meet around the world … to understand “we share more things than make us different”. As posed by @brettelockyer in our first #globalclassroom chat:

“Our biggest challenge is making deep connections of co-inquiry, that don’t trivialise culture n don’t just swap facts. #globalclassroom.”

As Edna Sackson so eloquently writes; “there’s more to culture than the 3 F’s: food, flags and festivals!” (June 2011). In her blog post, Below the Tip of the Iceberg, she gives teachers significant food for thought …

“Culture is often compared to an iceberg which has both visible and invisible parts. The tip of the iceberg represents the elements of culture which we can see, such as food, language and customs. Those elements which are less obvious, such as values, beliefs and world view, comprise the much larger portion of the iceberg underwater.”

… By starting with the human qualities, finding what we have in common, we can more easily relate to and connect with people of different cultures.

Edna Sackson (@whatedsaid)


So, our question for our December #globalclassroom discussion is this:

“How can we take our students’ global connections beyond the tip of the iceberg?
How can we help them make authentic, personal connections with children around the world?”

We’d love to have you join us.

Dates & Times

Chat #1: Saturday, December 9 (Europe, Africa, Americas)
12PM Los Angeles, 3PM New York, 8PM London, 10PM Cape Town

(This chat is ideal for early risers in Eastern Australia & New Zealand –> it runs on Sunday morning at 7AM Sydney, 9 AM Auckland)

Chat #2: Tuesday, December 13 (Asia/Pacific)

This chat crosses the day/night meridian, and is held on a Monday night  in the Americas, which equates to Tuesday morning in the Asia/Pacific. (Please note the earlier time!)

2PM Los Angeles, 5PM New York (EST) – Monday, December 12
6AM – Beijing, 9AM Sydney, 11AM Auckland – Tuesday, December 13


10 thoughts on ““Below the Tip of the Iceberg” #globalclassroom Chat – December 2011

  1. Sorry I missed it. Times didn’t work for me in Japan, but interested in how this unfolds. Pushing hard to move away from the three Fs. I work with Kindergarten children but interested in how this looks at all ages.

    • Hi Tasha! We have about 6 Kindergarten teachers connecting through the #globalclassroom network, and we’d love to have you on board!

      In January 2012, we hope to establish a 3rd chat which works for the Asia/Pacific. We’d love to hear your thoughts on a suitable date and time.



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