Best Educational Wiki Nomination (2011 Edublogs Awards)

As the Project Coordinator for the Global Classroom Project 2011-12, I am consistently amazed and inspired by the connections, learning, and opportunities made possible through our use of social media and web 2.0 technologies.

Perhaps the most valuable of these has proved to be our collaborative wiki community, which was recently nominated for the Best Educational Wiki in the 2011 Edublogs Awards.

Building Community

The Global Classroom Wiki is envisaged as a public digital repository showcasing how a global projects community enables teachers, and students, to connect, share, learn and collaborate on a global stage.

With 111 members across 6 continents, and contributions from 8 countries to date, the Global Classroom 2011-12 Wiki provides a central meeting place and collaborative community for teachers around the world.

While still in its infancy, Global Classroom bears testament to the incredible potential of wikis to showcase students’ learning & global collaboration with the wider education community. With the contributions of our teachers and students over the coming months, we believe our wiki continue to grow, evolve, inspire, and educate for many years to come.


So, as we proudly announce our Nomination for the Best Educational Wiki in the 2011 Edublogs Awards, we’d like to thank ALL the teachers who’ve contributed to the incredible development of our #globalclassroom community. Working together, we are creating something special, and we sincerely appreciate your contribution!.

If you’d like to support Global Classroom in the 2011 Edublogs Awards, you can find out more, and vote here. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the amazing blogs, websites, and wikis nominated by teachers worldwide!


One thought on “Best Educational Wiki Nomination (2011 Edublogs Awards)

  1. Michael~
    I could not have said this better myself. Again and again, I reminded “from small things big things come” and the importance of listening to our children. Puju reminded us to truly learn about a culture we need to collaborate with the people of the culture. I am pleased Puju presented the challenge and grateful you heard his request. The global collaboration in the Global Classroom wiki, blog and numerous projects is an excellent example of what can come when educators are open to the needs of their students and the possibilities of global technology! Educators of the global classroom are truly changing the world.
    To think that this project grew through the collaboration of two people on different continents is amazing in itself, but to add it has now reached a true global collaboration and been nominated for an EduBlog award is an honor. My hope is that the children of the Global Classroom develop an understanding and appreciation of cultural differences, similarities and the global opportunities of our world.
    Humbled, Honored and Amazed~
    Project Creator

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