New Project Announcement: Learning About the Holocaust through Children’s Literature (Grade 5) 2 – 6 January 2012

ImageMiss Cherry, a teacher from Virginia, USA, will be teaching her fifth-grade (ages 10-11) class about the Holocaust using children’s literature, including the book, Number the Stars, in the first week of January 2012. She would love her students to connect with another class or group of classes in another state or country (or countries) and hopes to have exchanges via Edmodo, Voice Thread, Skype, or maybe Twitter during the week (Jan. 2-6) , using Number the Stars and the events of the Holocaust (elementary-friendly) as discussion starters.  Ultimately, Miss Cherry’s purpose is to build a context for her students of the roots of the Holocaust in prejudice, to begin paving the way for true global understanding and respect; so that as members of the future generation, they can prevent such prejudice from ever taking hold again!

Please email Miss Cherry at or tweet her @MsKCherry if you might be interested in participating in this global learning project, or if you have similar ideas or tips to share.


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