The #globalclassroom Twitter Chats

Do you enjoy meeting teachers around the world?
Are you interested in global education or global collaboration?
Have you heard about global projects, but don’t know where to start?
Would you like your students to have opportunities to practice their language skills with authentic speakers?
Are you on Twitter?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, why not join us for the the monthly  #globalclassroom Twitter chats in 2012?

How It All Began …

The monthly #globalclassroom chats were born out of the Global Classroom Project: 2011-12, and first ran in November 2011. Proving to be the first of their kind, the chats generated significant excitement in the #globaled community; and covered topics relating to global collaboration in education, ICT, and authentic cultural connections. You can find our archives here.

Where to from here?

The unexpected interest in a global education / collaboration themed chat has forced a rethink of our chat times, which were (and perhaps still are) very American-centric. Over the course of 2012, we hope to enable teachers around the world to connect, share, learn and collaborate globally via our Twitter chats.

For our January chat, we will be trialling a third time – targeting teachers in Asia (e.g. India, Russia, China, Japan, etc), and Australia (depending on DST). If you haven’t already voted in our Asia/Australia poll, please do so ASAP –

We are painfully aware that many European teachers find it difficult to participate in the chats as the times currently stand, and we hope to address this later in the year.

We appreciate YOUR suggestions & support!

The #globalclassroom Twitter chat is a work in progress, and we’d sincerely appreciate YOUR feedback and suggestions for future topics. We are also keen to involve guest moderators from the #globaled community. If please leave your details here if interested!

Dates and Times for the January 2012 chats will be published HERE on January 8, and they will commence on Jan 14/15th, depending on your timezone


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