Enabling Student Collaboration: January #globalclassroom chat

Here’s some food for thought …

  • How can we create authentic opportunities for our students to talk, share, learn and collaborate with their classmates and other students around the world?
  • How can we enable our students to learn, communicate, and collaborate using 21st Century literacies and tools?
  • How can we inspire and motivate our students to practice their English / second language skills in authentic, natural, and spontaneous ways?

Through flattening our classroom walls, and engaging in global projects, we are creating opportunities for teachers and students to learn, share, and collaborate globally.

Yet, how can we make authentic student collaboration happen?  How can we adapt our existing curriculum to enable our students to learn with the world, not just about it?

We’re keen to tap into the collective thoughts, experiences, and expertise of teachers around the globe: which is why we’re putting these questions up for discussion in the #globalclassroom chats for January 2012:

“Ways and ideas to enable our students to collaborate globally”

Chat Details – January 2012:

January 2012 marks our inaugural Asia / Australia chat – which runs on a Sunday afternoon / evening in Asia & Australia; and in the morning in Europe. If you’re online in Europe at that time, you’re more than welcome to join in!

January 14 / 15

January 15 – NEW Asia / Australia Chat

January 16 / 17

The #globalclassroom chats are moderated by teachers around the world.

If you’d like to moderate a chat, or suggest a topic, please tweet @mgraffin, or leave your details here. We sincerely appreciate your support!


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