Links & Archive for the January #globalclassroom Chats

The January Twitter Chat Archives are now available on the #globalclassroom wiki.

The monthly #globalclassroom discussions are becoming a valuable means for teachers around the world to connect, share, learn, and find partners for collaborative projects; and our recent January discussions about student collaboration were no exception.

We’d like to thank Sue Wyatt (@tasteach) for creating this Collaborative Projects Google Doc to share many of the links shared during the chats; and you can explore the Twitter Archives on our wiki.

We also HIGHLY recommend Anne Mirtschin’s (@murcha) response to a question posed in the Sunday #globalclassroom chat – 10 Ways to Take Skype beyond Meet and Greet. It was the icing on the cake after a successful chat.

The next #globalclassroom chats will begin in the second week of February, and we hope to see you there. Thankyou for your support.


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