“Visualising Global Collaboration” ~ February #globalclassroom Chat

Well, it’s time to announce the topic for the next #globalclassroom chats!

Kids Speak Map

Our February topic comes to use courtesy of @iEARNUSA, and promises to be our most visually engaging chat yet.

How do teachers use visual aids to share and celebrate their global connections and collaborations on their classroom walls, and within their school communities?

How do YOU celebrate your global connections with your students and local communities? Do you use flags? Photos? Toys? Skype?

It’s time to get the camera out, and take a few snaps around your classrooms!

This promises to be an interesting discussion! We hope you can join us!


Chat Details – February 2012:

February 2012 marks our second Asia / Australia chat – which runs on a Sunday afternoon / evening in Asia & Australia; and in the morning in Europe. If you’re online in Europe at that time, you’re more than welcome to join us!

February 11 / 12

  • 3PM New York, 8PM London – Saturday, February 11
  • 7AM Sydney, 9AM Auckland – Sunday, February 12
  • Or click here to find out when this chat runs in your timezone.

February 12 – Europe / Asia / Australia Chat – Sunday

February 13 / 14

  • 5PM New York, 10PM London – Monday, February 13
  • 9AM Sydney, 11AM Auckland – Tuesday, February 14
  • OR Click here to find out when this chat runs in your timezone


The #globalclassroom chats are moderated by teachers around the world.

If you’d like to moderate a chat, or suggest a topic, please tweet @mgraffin, or leave your details here. We sincerely appreciate your support!



4 thoughts on ““Visualising Global Collaboration” ~ February #globalclassroom Chat

  1. In our 4th grade classroom, we visualize our connections in several ways. We track our partners on a map and in a cluster map and list on our blog. In our classroom, we drape full-sized flags of our partners from the ceiling. We record all of our Skype calls and write about them in our blog. Special projects are shared with the local press and we enjoy trading small mementoes with our partners.
    Rick Glass

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