“Ways to Bridge the Technological Divide” – April Chat Archives

The April #globalclassroom chats were an interesting affair, with our Sunday Asia / Europe chat being by far the liveliest. I was particularly interested in how the question was interpreted, as teachers shared the challenges they face in using & sharing technology – both in developing and developed countries.

A few favourite tweets

Brenda Hallowes ‏ (@bhallowes) –  We need to build relationships. If a colleague is technophobic all the more reason to build a trust relationships. #globalclassroom

Tasha Cowdy ‏ @tashacowdy – 3 yrs ago i hadnt heard of PLNs. I now cant imagine not flattening walls in my Kindergarten class. Change is afoot. #globalclassroom

Tibshirani ‏ (@rolat) – Technology is connecting us and enriching our learning as long as we are reflecting on learning #globalclassroom

Anne Mirtschin ‏(@murcha) – Small steps with technology often lead 2 best uptake. Flexibility / passion/using teachable moments lead to success #globalclassroom

Kelda Richards (@ElKel99)#globalclassroom it’s a shame some educated 1st world teachers won’t embrace tech – wasting a privileged position

And, in his own words, Jason Graham’s thoughts on his first #globalclassroom chat

In my first #globalclassroom experience, I was honoured to moderate such an interesting chat with such passionate educators from around the globe. I learned a lot and came away with some new ideas, different perspectives and new inquiries.

My big takeaway: If technology divides, what can be done to ensure technology connects?

How can we use technology to bridge the gap and lessen the divide between not only our colleagues next to us, but between those who have less access and opportunities to share and connect?

I look forward to the next #globalclassroom chat. Thanks to everyone for making me a better educator.

The Archives are Online

While we will be establishing an official #globalclassroom chat wiki in the next few weeks, the April 2012 archives are now available on our project wiki –

April 2012 Chat Archives

Please read, share and comment. Thanks! 🙂


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