Running Reflections

“You don’t want to be the runner who is ahead, just keep the pace and finish well”

Thank you Dean for coaching the long distance runs on Sundays. Coach Dean runs with us and keeps us in pace with brief feedbacks every few kilometers. We know our destination; we have a map for directions, the GPS for pacing time and the distance.  This experience of training impacted my practices within my classroom.

 The teacher, as a coach is running along with the students in class. The teacher talks less, Keeps pace with the students and coaches with brief feedback along the way.  The curriculum has been the main guide for our destination. The learning skills and the strategies are the GPS to get us there.  The criteria are like the map which vary on the distance and change along the way.

We are coaches than teachers who learn along with our students and keep pace with them. We let the students explore, learn from each other by facilitating the thinking and reflecting on the next steps.

We excel with our students through the use of strategies, learning skills and technology to guide and connect our learning.  As a coach in class I think at how best to apply the “If then” statements. If I am clear of the learning destinations then my students understand the learning destinations.  If I am co-constructing success criteria, then my students should be challenged by the success criteria, if I am aware of the range of learning strategies then my students should be able to develop a range of learning strategies. If I provide feedback then my students should acquire feedback.

As teachers we should continue pacing the learning with our students to become better coaches and celebrate the success as a team. Just like running, you increase your training and your distance though out the year. We have to provide ourselves with that learning path and make it clear to the team where we are heading.  Learning and listening to all of the voices in the classroom that guide us to take steps and actions and gives us a better purpose for the learning.  I look forward to participating in the race, pacing myself and celebrating the end with thousands of runners as I celebrate my learning in class with my students. 



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