A News Update from the #GlobalClassroom Coordinator

This is a modified version of my original post at mgraffin.edublogs.org.

Global Classroom 2011-12 is coming to an end

Nine months after the official launch of the Global Classroom Project (2011-12), we are planning for its’ conclusion. There are feedback surveys to prepare, a few VoiceThreads to create, a wiki showcase to work on, and the final webinar(s) to organise …

Yet, as I look back, I’m happy. This project, and the people I work with, have helped me through the ups and downs of the past year, and led to some amazing new opportunities and connections. It has been a wonderful experience, and I’m certainly looking forward to taking a few months break!

I’d like to encourage #globalclassroom teachers to take the opportunity to share their endeavours, classrooms, and students’ learning experiences with the world via the Global Classroom Mementos wiki. It is time to celebrate our achievements in Global Classroom 2011-12.

There will be a final webinar presentation in late June 2012, and possibly a skype conference – but details are still being worked out.

We’ll be back for 2012-13

Any idea that the #globalclassroom project would be a one-off venture disappeared long ago. With the growth and increasing diversity of our educational community, we are rapidly becoming a major player in the global education sphere.

We will be officially launching our 2012-13 project in late September 2012, although some projects (e.g. Brenda Hallowes’ London 2012 project, and the #globalclassroom scrapbooks) will continue through the remainder of our Southern Hemisphere school year.

There will be a few noticeable changes in our administration, and hopefully an expansion of our global teacher management team. I am particularly keen to capitalise on the experience and training of our #flatclassroom certified teachers, so if you’re interested in helping run the 2012-13 project, please let us know!

In other news …

Finally, for those interested, I recently the iEARN Australia management team, where I’ll help run the Australian branch of the world’s largest and longest established global collaboration network.

I am really looking forward to working with the international iEARN community; exploring best practices in global education, making new connections, and helping raise awareness about the benefits of global education within the wider Australian educational community.

Until next time, …


4 thoughts on “A News Update from the #GlobalClassroom Coordinator

  1. Hi Michael, It’s great that you’re now part of the iEARN-Australia Management Team. We are pleased to be working with you across this amazing global network. Ed

    • Thanks Ed! I’m really looking forward to making connections with the wider iEARN community – it’s an amazing opportunity to learn & collaborate with the world’s leading global network 🙂

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