May 2012 – #globalclassroom Chat Archives

The seventh monthly #globalclassroom chat hosted several incredibly lively conversations about inquiry learning and global collaboration.

As Laurie Renton (@RentonL) so succinctly writes;

The process of choosing a topic, selecting questions to ask, participating in and moderating the #globalclassroom chat, was an eye opening and rewarding experience.

This chat reinforced, for me, the POWER of my online PLN, and the inspiration that Twitter connections provide for my professional growth as an educator.  It was exciting to discover the number of people who are also interested in global inquiry projects and their openness and eagerness to share their discoveries with others.

Creating a meaningful and sustainable global inquiry project is no easy feat.  Fostering buy in and personalisation for students, fitting it meaningfully into your daily curricular student learner outcomes is tricky, although it IS possible. This occurs when you are able to connect with experts who are willing to continue a meaningful relationship to enhance your journey, through Skype, blogging, and other such communication tools.

Finding the PERFECT global project to fit your needs IS possible when you nurture it, connect with others, inquire through your PLN and allow your students to ask questions to further enrich the journey and learning experiences.  It IS worthy work.

The Archives are now available

Thankyou to Laurie Renton and Jennifer Fenton for helping to organise this month’s #globalclassroom chats. A special mention goes to @WorldVUSE, who although relatively new to Twitter, successfully took on the challenge of moderating their first Twitter chat!

This month’s archives have been saved using Storify, and you can find the links here, or follow the direct links below.


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