June #globalclassroom Chat Archives.

The June #globalclassroom chats were a lively affair this month, with some wonderful discussions about ways teachers and schools can “Build Partnerships with Schools in Developing Countries“.

As Clive Elsmore (@clivesir), who suggested this month’s topic, comments:

I attended the first two of the chats and have read through the transcript of the third. I’m heartened to witness the considerable efforts educators are going to to connect with their global family.

Interesting ideas on how to make those connections and examples of collaborative low-tech projects were shared and it’s well worth reading the archives for a spot of inspiration.

And also read them to find good people to follow!

We were also pretty happy to see the #globalclassroom chats trending in our wider Australian networks for the very first time! It seems these chats are finally becoming of age.

The archives are now available on the official chats wiki: http://theglobalclassroomchats.wikispaces.com.

We hope you will take the time to read through, and share your thoughts in the comments below!


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