Global Classroom 2011-12 – Closing Webinars (This Weekend)

They say all good things come to an end.

And so too does Global Classroom 2011-12.

At least, temporarily …

Over the past year, this amazing project has grown beyond all expectations, and exceeded our wildest dreams. We have built a true learning community, one which will continue to develop, grow, and evolve over the years to come.

We hope you can join us this weekend at our closing webinars for 2011-12. We will be celebrating our achievements and learning from the past year, and looking forward to Global Classroom 2012-13.

The webinars will be held in BlackBoard Collaborate, and the recordings and slides will be shared after the session. We know this is a busy time for many teachers (particularly those planning their holidays), but we hope you will be able to join us for these very special presentations.


To join us, please click on this: Participant Link about 20 minutes prior to the session. (There will be a brief training session immediately prior for people new to BlackBoard Collaborate.)


Presentation 1: Americas / Australia / NZ

Saturday – June 30 (00.00 GMT).

  • 2PM Honolulu, 5PM San Francisco, 6PM Guatemala, 8PM (EST) New York,

Sunday – July 1

  • 8AM Perth, 10AM Sydney, 12PM Auckland

Click here to find out when this runs in YOUR time-zone

Presentation 2: Europe / Asia / Australia

Sunday – July 1 (10.00 GMT)
  • 11AM London, 12PM Cape Town, 3.30PM Bangalore, 6PM Perth, 8PM Sydney, 10PM Auckland.

Click here to find out when this runs in YOUR time-zone

Thank you! We hope to see you there!


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