Our Year in Skype

What an amazing journey we have had with Skype this year! With the help of my fabulous PLN on Twitter, I was able to incorporate new ways to utilize Skype in my gifted classroom.

Here are just some ways we made it even better:

1. Content Specific Calls- This year I decided to focus on Math with my enrichment group to practice and apply skills in a fun way. To learn more, check out my Math Skype Buddies post.

2. Celebrity Skype Calls- Thanks to some connections made on Twitter, we were able to talk to a couple celebrities. Our kids were very excited about these calls! Check out our calls with Olivia Holt, from Disney’s Kickin It, and Kristan Cunningham, from HGTV and the OWN Network.

3. Collaborative Projects- This year we combined Skype and Edmodo to work on novel study units for Tuck Everlasting and The Whipping Boy.

4. Skype Jobs- This is the first year we tried Skype Jobs during our calls. These are a must when it comes to talking to guest expert speakers, during Mystery Skype Calls, or during games/competitions for Math.

Have a look at some clips from our calls. My hope is to continue to connect with classes around the world and work on more collaborative projects that combine several Web 2.0 tools. What ways have you used Skype this year?

To read more about our Skype adventures, please visit my professional blog at: http://languagejourneys.blogspot.com/ and our classroom blog at: http://reachrocketeers.blogspot.com 


3 thoughts on “Our Year in Skype

  1. I see you have been able to explore ways to better utilise Skype in the class.
    As I no longer have a class of my own since retirement, I thought I mightn’t experience Skype with a class. I was pleasantly surprised when I was asked to do a Skype interview with a US class. The excitement of the children involved was easy to see while the children worked in their particular roles and were able to see the person behind the comments on their blog.
    For those wondering if they should use Skype, look at the above possible uses. If you try, you should be pleasantly surprised with the reaction of your students.

    • Hi Ross! Thank you for your comment. I would love to invite you to talk to our students, especially since you have commented on our class blog before. I agree with you that it is important for our students to see the person behind the comments and would love to see their reaction as well! We’ll be in touch.

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