Global Connections in Kindergarten

Guest Post by Tasha Cowdy.

Cross-posted from KC class blog

Click on Kindergarten Around the World category on the right hand side bar on the KC blog to see how the collaboration had developed throughout the year.

Through-out the year the children in KC have communicated and collaborated with KinderPals on the other side of the world. This relationship has provided an authentic purpose and audience for both classes to inquire, create and construct understanding. The children have communicated through blog comments, twitter, postal mail, Google docs and Skype.

The partnership has been an important part of the children’s learning and has woven through all curriculum areas:

  • the children have developed important literacy skills through shared reading and writing engagements for a real purpose and audience
  • they have conducted inquiries into each other’s significant cultural events
  • they have shared and compared mathematical understandings
  • they have begun to explore the concept of digital citizenship and the role of web-based tools – something that many of us adults are struggling to come to terms with, but which will undoubtedly play an increasing role in the education and future of this “web generation’ of children.

As we reflected on our group learning journey in Kindergarten, several of the children mentioned KinderPals.

Olivia summed up the feelings of many children when she said “I’m excited about going to Grade 1, but I think it’s a shame that we won’t be able to tweet with KinderPals anymore because we are all going to different classes”.

On the other side of the world, KinderPals were also reflecting on the shared learning journey. They sent us this goodbye on video!


4 thoughts on “Global Connections in Kindergarten

  1. This is a wonderful story about the amazing learning that can go on using technology with the youngest of students. At the beginning of the year and despite being a secondary teacher I was assigned prep/ones (5-6 year olds) for technology for one lesson per week. I wrote a post on “Too Young for Technology” and you kindly gave me some great advice as a comment. So, I am also discovering global connections with these little ones and am constantly amazed at how well they ‘gel’ with it all. What do you have planned for your new school year?

    • Hi Anne! We have just started a new school year here in Japan. We started by developing a sense of class community and then began reaching out into the wider community. ( The next step is to start building our class learning network. I am not sure how our learning journey will unfold this year. I am always intrigued to see where the children lead me! Do you have any exciting projects in the pipeline? You do such wonderful things!

  2. When we are born, we are egocentric. After all, with a cry our needs can be met and we are cared for. As we grow, our world broadens to include parents then family and friends. Global Connections in Kindergarten succeeds in connecting children around the world. The children are opened up to friends who were out of their reach not all that long ago.
    The nature of the isolated classroom is going where it should, in the history books. The global classroom is the room for the future.

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