Making Flat Wilburs – Another Global Read Aloud Project

This post is cross referenced on my class blog Peeking into Division 18 and can be found here.

One of the collaborative projects we are working on right now regarding the Global Read Aloud is with Mrs. Madonna and Ms Leveson’s grade one class at  Leman Manhattan Preparatory School  in New York City. This class does not blog like we do but we have connected another way. With this class we are connecting mainly through e-mails and snail mails. Today we answered an e-mail from them about Surrey, and whether we went to school in a city or in a town. Since Ms. Lirenman has been to New York City several times she knows that our school is very different from their school even though we both live in cities. Our cities are also VERY different.

One of the ways that we can show how different our schools and communities are is by sharing photos of where we live. Since both classes are reading Charlotte’s Web we thought it best if we created a “Flat Wilbur”.  

Today everyone in our class made our own “Flat Wilbur”. We took them home with us this weekend and we are going to bring them with us all weekend long. The plan is that we’re going to take pictures of Flat Wilbur out and about and then we are going to send those pictures to New York City.

The really cool thing is that our new friends in New York City are doing the exact same thing. While we are busy taking our Wilbur’s with us this weekend, our new friends in New York are doing the same thing and they will be sending us pictures too. Pretty cool hey?

It will be great to get their pictures in the mail.

Now while we do use technology in our classrooms a lot to connect with other children, it is very possible to connect with others with out technology too. It just takes a bit more time. Thankfully there will be a skype call with this special class so we will get to meet the children behind the pigs.


One thought on “Making Flat Wilburs – Another Global Read Aloud Project

  1. This is a good example of how global collaborative activities can take part even when levels of technology commonly used may not match. Email and snail mail? Why not? This has been all that was available not all that long ago. I hope Flat Wilbur see many interesting sights with both schools. 🙂

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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