Enabling Global Collaboration – October #globalclassroom Chats


This month’s #globalclassroom chats are a spin-off from my presentation at the Australian Computers in Education Conference, held last week right here in Perth, Western Australia.

As the co-founder & leader of The Global Classroom Project, I have learnt a great deal about the challenges, opportunities, and steep learning curve faced by teachers making their first connections beyond their classroom walls.

Issues faced range from finding collaboration partners, integrating global perspectives across the curriculum, and providing ongoing informal professional development for teachers involved in projects.

In this presentation, we will present a compelling rationale for global collaboration in education, and explore ways teachers can overcome the challenges they face as they begin to flatten their classroom walls.

In an effort to continue the discussions we started during the presentation, this month’s #globalclassroom chat topic is simplly:

How can we enable teachers and students to connect, share, learn, and collaborate globally?


  • WHY should teachers and students explore ways to share, connect, and collaborate globally?
  • WHAT  does global collaboration look like?
  • HOW can we help teachers overcome the challenges and obstacles faced by teachers interested in flattening their classroom walls?
  • WHERE can teachers find international partners, and access professional development to support their integration of global perspectives / collaboration across the curriculum?

What do you think?

Please join us for our October chats this coming weekend. Please check out the times below – please note that these times have changed due to due to the start of DST in some countries.

Chat 1 – Saturday, October 13, 17:00 – 18:00 UTC – N America, S America, Europe, Africa

  • New York: 1pm (13:00), London: 6pm (18:00), Cape Town: 7pm (19:00), Bucharest: 8pm (20:00)
  • Or click here to find out when this chat runs in your timezone.

Chat 2 – Sunday, October 14, 09:00 – 10:00 UTC – Europe, Asia, Australia

  • London: 10am (10:00), Singapore: 5pm (17:00), Perth: 5pm (17:00), Tokyo: 6pm (18:00), Sydney: 8pm (20:00), Aukland: 10pm (22:00)
  • Or click here to find out when this chat runs in your timezone.

Chat 3 – Monday October 15, 22:00 – 23:00 UTC – N America, S America  /     Tuesday October 16 in Australia and Asia)

  • MONDAY New York: 6pm (18:00), London: 11pm (23:00)
  • TUESDAY Sydney: 9am (09:00), Aukland: 11am (11:00)
  • OR click here to find out when this chat runs in your timezone.

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