Interested in Global Pen-Pal Exchanges? (PTPI)

This guest post comes to us courtesy of Paige Badgett (@PTPIPaige), Director of theSchool & Classroom Program at People to People International.

The school year has begun, and you are settling into your classroom … Why not go beyond the curriculum to give your students a first-hand experience in their global education?

PTPI’s School & Classroom Program links classes in different countries for pen-pal exchanges and projects that improve cultural understanding and encourage friendship.  Since it was created, this free program has served more than 3,000 teachers with 200,000 students in 126 countries – and we want you to join now!

When two groups are matched, contact details are exchanged between the teachers so that they may communicate directly. Each teacher receives a Program Manual with suggested projects and tips for success. We encourage teachers to modify or incorporate additional concepts or technology to best suit their needs, goals and resources.

Successful partnerships start with consistent communication.  Remember, you are a representative of your country, as are your students. This allows for conversations with your students about letter writing etiquette, punctuation, grammar and spelling. How better can you introduce these important topics while motivating and engaging your students?

Find out more by reading my last guest post, or register today.

Registration is easy! Visit our website and fill out the online registration form: We will be matching partner classes through October.


8 thoughts on “Interested in Global Pen-Pal Exchanges? (PTPI)

  1. Greetings from Russia! We’ve been participating in this program since 2007 and enjoy the communication with our partner-classes. PTPI are doing a great job and we’re grateful to them!

  2. I work in an American school and I think our Spanish, French, German, and Chinese teacher’s would be interested. Would there be a chance for teachers to be matched with a classroom where the American students could practice these languages?

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