Celebrating & Building a Community of Collaboration

As part of our continuing efforts to celebrate and build “a community of global collaboration”, we are launching several new initiatives in the lead up to Global Classroom 2012-13.

In particular, we are launching a range of project badges (thank you @MrsSchmidtB4), and fulfilling a long-term goal of establishing a “Mentor Teacher / Expert Advisor” directory to assist teachers new to global collaborative projects.

Participant Teachers

ALL registered #globalclassroom teachers are invited to display our new “Participant” Badge on their school / class blogs / websites. This amazing global community is made possible by our people, and we hope our participant teachers around the world will display their badges with pride!

(Click here to access our Google Doc – containing embed instructions and HTML code)

Mentor Teachers (Expert Advisors)

Are you interested in supporting and scaffolding teachers’ use of technology to flatten their classroom walls?

We are starting to build a global directory of mentors / expert advisors who are happy to answer questions, and support the learning of teachers new to ICT and global collaborative projects.

If you’re interested, we’d appreciate it if you’d fill out our registration form here. We’ll add your details to our (private) wiki page, and send you a “Global Classroom Mentor” Badge.

Mentor teachers don’t have to be directly involved in the #globalclassroom community – all we are looking for is a little experience & a willingness to share!

Lead Teachers

Global Classroom Lead Teacher badges will be awarded annually to teachers who have made an extraordinary contribution to the development of the #globalclassroom community, based on their:

  • Significant contribution to the professional learning of teachers around the world – through their active engagement in our online learning spaces
  • Efforts to implement the Global Classroom Manifesto in their classrooms & school communities
  • Creation of innovative, pioneering projects which showcase new ways for teachers and students to connect, learn, share, and collaborate globally.


We will be formally recognising the first group of “Global Classroom Lead Teachers” at our official project launch at the Global Education Conference 2012 – on November 16, 2012.

We hope to see you there!


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