Mystery Skype!

On Friday November 2nd , we did a “Mystery Skype” with Lin Lin Tan. she gave us clues, and the students were able to us their map skills and figure out that she lives in Taiwan! The students also asked Lin Lin questions about where she lives, what kind of toys they have, and her friends.

I met Lin Lin through the Hello Little World Skyper group and the Global Classoom Project. It is a large group of educators from all over the world who collaborate and work together to bring the world to our students.

A big THANK YOU you to Lin Lin for staying up late to Skype with us!


4 thoughts on “Mystery Skype!

  1. A great project! I’ve just signed up to meeting classrooms using this wiki thanks to you. We’d love to do a mystery Skype call with your class. Cherrie MacInnes

  2. Hello Grade 2,
    I have now seen a few classes who have mystery Skyped. It’s a great adventure as you try to narrow down where the mystery Skyper lives. 🙂
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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