“Taking the Long View” – An Inspiring #flatclass Keynote from Chris Betcher

Each year, the Flat Classroom Project invites a world leading global educator to create a video ‘keynote’ – and this year’s video is a truly inspiring retrospective on the power of global connections and collaboration. It is well worth watching.

In the words of Chris Betcher (@betchaboy) from Sydney Australia:

I was lucky to have discovered how flat the world could be when my students and I did our first global collaborative project way back in 1996. Over the next few years we participated in lots of successful global projects, and the lessons I learned through those experiences permanently changed the way I viewed learning, teaching and education in general. I saw first-hand how powerful it could be to work across the boundaries of time and location, to connect with others and share our learning on a global scale.

In this keynote, I’d like to offer the long view of working in a flat world. I’d like to share some insights into how it changed the way I view education, and how it changed my teaching career. I’d also like to introduce you to some of my ex-students, who will share the effect that being part of these global collaborative projects has had on their lives almost 17 years later.

Source: Flat Classroom Projects


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