Come One, Come ALL … to the #globalclassroom January Chat!

Come One, Come ALL!

Meant to Walk

It’s a PARTY … okay … a WORKING party,  but a PARTY nonetheless!

What: Celebration Get Together!
Where: #globalclassroom chat
When: second week in January-ish (See new times and check time zones below.)
Who: anyone with a #globalclassroom or dream of creating a #globalclassroom … yes, you can BRING a FRIEND! After all, the MORE the MERRIER!

Connected Educator

Bring your #globalclassroom celebrations, frustrations, (or as @iEARNUSA likes to say “frogs”), questions, hopes and DREAMS to our January 2013 chat! By beginning the year with an open discussion, this will be an opportunity for people to share their highlights and burning questions! After all:

“No one is as smart as ALL of us!”

~Japanese Proverb

Things to think about:

  • your favourite #globalclassroom topic
  • a highlight of your #globalclassroom journey
  • some of the pitfalls you’ve overcome in your #globalclassroom
  • your vision for the future, (hopes and dreams), for your #globalclassroom
  • topics you would like to explore further during our upcoming #globalclassroom chats


Join the celebration!

NEW #globalclassroom Chat Schedule:

This month, we are implementing a NEW schedule for the #globalclassroom chats, which will now run over one 24 hour period, starting on the second Saturday of the month.

This is a significant change, so please check which time works for you, and put a note in your calendar!

Chat 1 – Saturday – January 12 (10:00 GMT)

  • 10AM London, 3.30PM New Delhi, 6PM Perth, 9PM Sydney (AEDT), 11PM Auckland
  • Click here to find out when this is in YOUR timezone. 

Chat 2 – Saturday – January 12 (19:00 GMT) 

  • 11AM Los Angeles, 2PM New York, 7PM London, 9PM Cape Town,
  • 8AM SUNDAY – Auckland
  • Click here to find out when this is in YOUR timezone.

Chat 3 – Saturday 12th / Sunday 13th (02:00 GMT) 

  • Saturday night – 6PM Los Angeles, 9PM New York
  • Sunday – 7.30AM New Dehli, 10AM Perth, 1PM Sydney, 3PM Auckland
  • Click here to find out when this is in YOUR timezone


Chat times are displayed in UTC+0/GMT+0 (Greenwich Mean Time – No Daylight Saving)
To convert the UTC/GMT time to YOUR time-zone, please click on the event description, and copy the event to your personal calendar. Or you may calculate the chat time for your area with the World Time Zone converter.


7 thoughts on “Come One, Come ALL … to the #globalclassroom January Chat!

  1. Thanks, Theresa! I always love these chats. Such a great conversation. I truly value these connections and the amazing sharing that happens during these #globalclassroom chats! See you there! Laurie 🙂

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