Penguin Science Project

A year ago Lorraine Leo from Jackson School, MA (USA) suggested that we join the Penguin Science Project running from November 2012 to January 2013. This year we joined – four classes from Vonsild School, Denmark – from 1st to 8th graders.

The project is organized by Jean Pennycook, who stays near the penguin colony at Cape Royds, Antarctica – following the Adelie Penguins day by day from the building of nests to chicks running around.

The goal is to learn about penguins, the environment and Antarctica in general.

You are able to join the project on different levels. In Vonsild we have had 8th graders learning about climate changes and weather. All classes have been following the nest of Mary (the penguin we have adopted) daily. We share the nest with Jose Lopez´s class in Spain, who has adopted the male – called Pocolo 2. Pocolo 1 was left by Mary after she had laid one egg. What a drama to follow!


1st and 2nd graders have been making postcards to be send to Antarctica to get stamped. They have also made a flag to be sent to Antarctica where it will wave near the nest for a period before it will be returned to our school, as they have been writing penguin stories.

We ended the project with a skype call to Jean. Three classes (1st, 2nd & 6th graders) were asking questions about penguins, Antarctic surroundings, tent lift, etc. One of the eye opening facts was that human waste was transported by helicopter and ship to the States to keep Antarctica 100% clean. It was also interesting to see the temperature was -2 deg. Celsius both in Antarctica (summer) and in Denmark (winter). We were also asked to give the chick a name, which was a fantastic opportunity for our students.
See more on our class blog!

I can highly recommend to join this project, which resumes in November 2013. But make your arrangements now. Please e-mail Jean for further details: jean.pennycook AT, or visit the website:


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