Today: Live Streaming – Global Teacher Development Workshop iTDi / VIE – Jakarta

Later today, Endang Palupi, an amazing Global Classroom teacher in Jakarta, Indonesia, will be live-streaming the “iTDi Global Teacher Development Workshop“, featuring renowned  international educators Chuck Sandy, Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto, Eric Kane, Yitzha Shiela Sarwono, and more!

Topics to be covered: 

  1. Chuck Sandy, iTDi Community Director : “Community is the answer”
  2. Yitzha Sheilla Sarwono, iTDi Associate : “Little teacher in the BIG world”
  3. Eric Kane, ELF Learning: “Free online resources for teaching and learning”
  4. Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto, iTDi Program Director: “Become the best teacher you can be”
  5. Karl Millsom, IE TESOL Academic and Program Development Manager : “The value of professional teacher development”
  6. Adi Cerman, IE TESOL Program Director: “Don’t just plan! Let’s take risks!”


You can join this workshop virtually via Endang’s UStream feed at 6AM GMT / 5PM AEDT. Click here to see when this is in YOUR timezone.

The UStream Channel is here


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