Look Out World! Here we come!

Wow! What an incredible year we’ve had with our global projects! We are heading full steam into winter with a couple new ones. The students in Scoil Iosaif Naofa Kinvara, Co Galway, Ireland are our partners in learning about an amazing man named Francis O’Neill. Coming from Ireland in the height of the Great Potato Famine to  Chicago, IL (very near to us), and ultimately becoming the Chief of the Chicago Police Department, as well a well-known and respected musician and collector of Irish Folk music, his life is full of rich history. We are learning lots about geography, world history, United States immigration and culture. We met our partners on Skype last week and we are off  to a great start. Please check our wiki out!

And then there are eagles. Two eagles in particular, Liberty and Justice. By watching them on webcam, and researching collaboratively with partners in Iowa, North Carolina, Canada, and The Netherlands, we are becoming experts in habitat, lifespan, symbolism, protected species laws, anatomy, and other birds of prey. There is so much to learn from one bird that is admired worldwide.  As we went on the webcam today, we saw that Liberty had laid an egg! You can find that project here. This is a Flat Classroom® project.

Lastly, our day takes us to fantasy. No, not daydreaming during math, but actually studying the elements of fantasy writing with Mrs. Parisi’s class in Long Island, NY. After we finish reading The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe and discussing the elements, we will be writing fantasy stories collaboratively with a partner across the county. Follow along as we learn!

Hearing the kids complaining about having to leave their work as they lined up for recess today was music to my ears.

Written by Donna Roman, 5th grade teacher: http://about.me/donnaroman

Meeting our partners in Ireland.

Meeting our partners in Ireland.

Our Irish parteners meeting us.

Our Irish parteners meeting us.

Discovering an egg in Liberty and Justice's nest!

Discovering an egg in Liberty and Justice’s nest!


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