Call for 2013 #globalclassroom Projects

Are you a creative, forward-thinking educator?

Are you interested in creating and running your very own global collaborative project?

Do you have an idea, but are not sure where to start?

Are you struggling to find global collaboration partners?

Need a professional mentor? 

Then why not explore the possibilities with Global Classroom 2012-13

Over the past few years, we’ve “built the collaborative spacesresources, and community to enable teachers and students to share, learn and collaborate globally” … and we’ve succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.

Through our current 2012/13 projects , our students are contributing to global travelling scrapbooks, working to raise awareness about rhino conservation, learning about the world via Mystery Skype, supporting Malala’s fight for girls’ right to education, and building penpal relationships via Edmodo …

And there’s more to come …

We’re here to help teachers around the world share and build their ideas for global projects , big and small; and we’d like to share  YOURS.

Please get in touch. 

Email: globalclassroomorganisers AT

Twitter: @gcporganisers

Register via the Wiki:


2 thoughts on “Call for 2013 #globalclassroom Projects

  1. hello am an adminstrator at kigumba centre primary school in uganda.was looking through your website and i happened to learn that your global classroom projects are not different from what my school was involved in from 2001 to 2009.only that this seems to be broader in scope.our school was involved in a global curriculum exchange program me with Chader groove primary school and then later on Hillcrest primary school in Bristol UK then headed by the late Ms Norma Watson.
    we had a rich exchange of both classroom,social and culture experiences between our learners.for example our learners would exchange photos taken through out their normal daily family,academic and social life with their age mates on the other side.
    our learners also exchanged items they had sewn,moulded,curved,crafted,drawn,texts.
    our last exchange was under the theme recycling….a subject that was alien to our learners at first.this exchange was able to stir the imagination and creativity of our learners to depths we had never imagined before.we realized that despite being young,kids have imaginations and a vast vault of untapped ideas.
    Furthermore,despite being hundreds of miles away from the city center,this exchange in a way changed the attitude of our community towards education in general and girl child education in particular.,a number of primary schools sprung up and today an area that was once isolated has become a budding hub of academic institutions.
    we strongly believe the global curriculum exchange program me we were involved in had a hand in turning around our community spurring the imagination,creativeness and vigilance of our learners and community in general.
    Because we see an opportunity to enable teachers and students to share, learn and collaborate globally,its for this purpose that on behalf of our school i humbly request to become part of this global classroom plat form to raise awareness of the benefits of cross boundary learning,girls’ right to education, and building pen pal relationships.
    On behalf of Kigumba centre primary school,i pray that our submission is humbly considered.
    kalyesubula isaac collins
    kigumba centre primary school 8 kigumba

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