iEARN is 25! And Teddy Bears are in the Front!

Maple in Taiwan from mali bickley on Vimeo.

Although we have participated in iEARN projects before, for the first time a Kindergarten class in our school, Mill Creek Elementary in Geneva, IL, USA, participated in the Teddy Bear Project through iEARN. It’s been great hearing about their exchange with Wen Ya Elementary in Taiwan. Although we were not part of this video or the iEARN post linked below, we loved seeing all of those happy students!

iEARN. What a great organization. There are many global collaborative education organizations out there now, but iEARN…well, they were the true cutting edge for us all. They have only become stronger in their numbers, larger in their geographic reach and curriculum scope, and more influential during their 25 years. Lucky for all of us, they have retained all of their professional generosity, humanity and incredible inclusiveness. They are true leaders in every possible way. Happy 25th iEARN! I’m proud to be among your many admirers and participant teachers.

Take a look at David Potter’s iEARN’s post about the Teddy Bear Project. It is really fun.


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