WikiEducators – Stories from an education pioneer in India

Since the inauguration of Global Classroom Project at YMCA, Alleppey, I have been caught on a whirlwind of activities. Hundreds of people called in to Learn English Online. Some have already joined WikiEducator to learn Wiki Editing Skills. As I connect with my PLNs, I am enrolling them all to WikiEducator first.

On the very day of inauguration itself, Fr. Xavier Kudiamssery, Manager of The Corporate Management of Schools, Diocese of Alleppey invited me to talk with the Principals of schools run by the Diocese. Yesterday, I met his group of cheerful visionaries, eager to take their schools to hyperspace.

I was totally unprepared for such awesome eagerness. I had planned to connect the teachers dynamically with my PLNs. As it was late evening or early morning for most of my friends abroad, leaders of online world could not be connected. Luckily, I was able to link with:

Mohan Lal’s son in “Thanmathra”, movie star Arjun Lal is a product of Born to Excel!

Prof. CFJ has co-authored a book..

CFJ’s students are eager to invite others as they find it the best way for them to help others excel.

Laima from Lithuania shared her experience with Sister Mary Benedict and shared a video of beautiful Lithuania..


On 22nd March 2013, at my workshop at Alleppey, I shall enroll the participants to my PLN.

  1. Hello Little World Skypers
  2. Global Classroom this participant map will be soon crowded!!
  3. WikiEducator
  4. GeoGebra

On 22 March Venice of the East


One thought on “WikiEducators – Stories from an education pioneer in India

  1. Sebastian

    Reading through your post with interest I wanted to make sure you are aware of our Groups4Schools community to support Global Classroom initiatives

    As a Global Classroom Supporter we provide virtual space to connect GC educators while at the same time providing them with the ability to create their own groups to work with students and other educators on their specific projects. If you need web meeting, video notes, conferencing calling, discussion boards and a multitude of other resources all in one secure, private space Groups4Schools might be of assistance. Visit for more information.

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