“Flattening Science Education” March #globalclassroom Chat Archives

Via @ReidGower

Via @ReidGower

The March #globalclassroom chats were a nightmare to organise; however, they produced some fantastic discussions about the importance of science education, and how we can inspire students to engage in science through connecting with real world science projects, and interacting with working scientists.

From my perspective, the chats were a great research opportunity, enabling me to connect with some amazing science teachers, and learn about the innovative projects happening in schools. A mid-chat tweet to the leading Australian science communicator @DoctorKarl later led to some great Twitter connections (including @realscientists and @IASAus), which will help me immensely as I plan my upcoming (er, first) ‘keynote’ presentation.

Thanks to our fantastic archivist @CliveSir, who’s ensured the chats are recorded for posterity on our chats wiki. Click here to access.

Thanks also to @Jennysfen, who created a Pinterest board collating links shared in the chat – you are most welcome to contribute!


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