Opportunity for Australian Educators and Scientists


Register now for the next “I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here!” August 2013

I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here! is an Australian Idol-style competition for scientists, where students are the judges. Students aged 10-18 years get to meet and interact with real-life scientists via online ‘Live Chats’ and submit questions in the ‘Ask’ forum giving scientists 24 hours to provide their answers. They decide who survives, who is evicted, and ultimately who wins the $1,000 prize to spend on science engagement in Australia.

With so much up for grabs the students put the scientists through their toughest challenge yet. Faced with questions about the science that interests students such as how their research impacts our lives “when you discover how the on and off switches work, will you be able to help cancer patients stop growing cancer cells?”, more probing questions like “how much to your earn?” and “what happens when your experiment fails?”, to “who’s got the best track, Passenger or Daft Punk and Pharrell?”, scientists have to think on their feet and type at lightning speed to answer all the questions that the students have for them.

Designed to help teachers deliver the curriculum related to “science as a human endeavour”  this free online event helps develop discussion and critical thinking skills, brings real science to life for students and is supported by a series of lesson plans, info sheets and resources.

“… Thanks for that answer, that’s got me really thinking. :)” – Student, March 2013

“This program empowered my students to learn more about science topics that they were interested in.” – Teacher, March 2013

With another three themed zones the next I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here! online event is promising to be even better than our record breaking March event which saw the number of questions asked by students in a single zone reach 399 over the two weeks!

Teachers can register on behalf of their schools and Scientists can apply to be one of the five scientists per zone to compete for student’s vote!

Our next event runs from 26th August – 6th September.

Don’t miss out! Register now at www.imascientist.org.au!

Guest Post submitted by: Dr Dee Halil, I’m a Scientist, Australia 

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