Flick-It-On! Student Collaborative Film Making Challenge

Flick-It-On! is a collaborative film making challenge for students from Year 1 –  8.  The project is now in it’s fourth year and has developed from a 3 day film festival to a 10 week project where students collaboratively and creatively produce a digital narrative from across many different schools.


So how does it work?

Teachers sign up their class and the organisers team your class with 2 other classes from different schools to collaboratively make movies based on a theme. Each year we ‘tweek’ the project based upon feedback from teachers and students.  One teacher from each team will be the coordinator. The 2013 rotations are:

Round 1

Each class makes a SILENT MOVIE based on the theme, adds a title at the beginning and adds credits at the end. Then they Flick-It-On! to the next class. (4 Weeks)

Round 2

Each class watches the silent movie they have been sent.  Students interpret the story of the silent movie, write a script and add VOICE OVER and SOUND EFFECTS.  They add credits. Then they Flick-It-On! to the next class. (2 Weeks)

Round 3

Each class watches the movie they have been sent (it now has voice over & sound effects). Students interpret the movie and then add MUSIC TO SHOW MOOD & EMOTION.  They add credits and then Flick-It-On! back to the class who made the original silent movie and the groups team leader.  (2 Weeks)


We will celebrate the movies the students have made in an online premiere – details to be announced.

How do we Flick-It-On!?

We use DROPBOX to ‘flick’ the movies on to each other.  We group classes that use PC together, and classes that use MAC together. We also aim to group students by age.

Find out more about the project at: http://kidzcanfilm.wikispaces.com/home

Sign up at: http://kidzcanfilm.wikispaces.com/Apply+Flick-It-On%21+2013

DEADLINE for signing up Friday 19th July 3pm NZST

PROJECT STARTS: Monday 29th July

Watch collaborative films made in previous years at: 




9 thoughts on “Flick-It-On! Student Collaborative Film Making Challenge

  1. Hi Sheri

    We certainly do have “a reflection/dialogue component to explain/discuss the choice in interpretation and remix to consider how the original projects morphed into something same/different than original intent”. In our previous rounds we had the dialogue at the premiere. This year has seen the project move from a local project to a national project so the premiere will be online with the the reflection dialogue incorporated and we’re going to start using Edmodo too!

    Its a great project – my school has completed a mini version in school – we have 6 classrooms and rotated movies around slightly differently (based on last year’s model). The Flick-It-On! Team (Myself, Rebecca Power & Jamie Power) adapt the project slightly each year to improve and run smoother. What’s great about the project is how adaptable and useable it is!

    Thanks for a great response to the project! My favourite aspect is the collaboration with students from different schools.

    From Emma

  2. This sounds like a fantastic project! It’s very refreshing to hear about students getting involved with film and video production at a young age. I like to think that these students are the future of the film industry that we all know and love today.

    Jake from New Hampshire Video Production

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