Global Classroom 2012-13 Webinars – Slides & Recordings

map - americas europe webinar july 27

A Fitting End to Global Classroom 2012-13

On Saturday July 27, we held our “Looking Forwards, Looking Back” Webinars, marking the end of our 2012-13 project.  The webinars were attended by close to 30 teachers from 8 countries (across the two sessions), and featured speakers from Australia, Canada, the United States, Bulgaria, and South Africa.

2012-13 was an amazing year of global learning, and marked a significant evolution in the #globalclassroom community; as we gradually move towards hosting and creating projects which go beyond ‘the meet & greet’, changing perspectives and making a real-world difference.

We highly recommend exploring the slides, and watching at least one of the webinar recordings. Webinar 2 was hosted by Lisa Parisi and Theresa Allen, and featured guest speakers from Open World Cause come in at the end to briefly talk about their work with the SAV School Nepal.

We’re looking forward to a significant year ahead, with Global Classroom 2013-14 scheduled to begin around October 2013.



Webinar 1 (Australia, Europe)

Webinar 2 (Americas / Europe)

Note: Webinar 2 (slides and audio) are also available on YouTube at



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