Edmodo Pen Pal Project – New Round Begins

A few years ago, I heard about this social network for schools called Edmodo.  I thought it was a neat idea, but not something that was appropriate for my Grade 3 students (ages 8-9.)  However, I did end up using it with them as a required part of the Flat Classroom Project we were taking part in.  Once we started using it, I realized how wonderful this platform is!  Besides being a great way to connect and share with my own students, it was also the perfect platform for connecting with other classrooms around the world!

Atlas, it's time for your bath

There are many teachers on Edmodo who are looking for other classrooms to connect with but don’t know how to find them.  That is why I created the Edmodo Pen Pal project.  Once you join, I will connect you with 3 or 4 other classrooms in different areas so that you can connect with them via Edmodo.  My original idea was to use Edmodo in place of traditional “snail mail” pen pals.  However, once I connect you with the other teachers, you are free to use your creativity to connect in any way that you choose.  Due to the popularity of the project (we had about 170 classrooms sign up for the last round), I cannot lead and/or moderate every group.  One teacher in each small group will contact the other teachers involved and talk to them about creating the Edmodo group and brainstorming ideas for what the children should be sharing.  All teachers are responsible for moderating the comments left by their own students and the other students in their small group.

How do I join? Visit the Global Classroom Project wiki page for project goals, guidelines and a sign up form.  This project is appropriate for children ages 7 – 18.  I will place classrooms into groups by age level.  We run 2 rounds of this project each year.  Round 1 will start in the Sept/Oct time frame and Round 2 will start in February/March.  If you are new to Edmodo, this is a great project to get you started as you will be given support from other teachers in your group who have used it before.

Questions? – You can reach me via Twitter at @MrsSchmidtB4 or by email in the K-3 Directory of registered Global Classroom Project members.  Have fun connecting!


Photo credit: woodleywonderworks via Flickrcc


5 thoughts on “Edmodo Pen Pal Project – New Round Begins

  1. I love the new format, Tina, of joining together 3-4 classrooms to form a more workable Edmodo group. This will allow the students to begin to have conversations.

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