Project #Kinderchat Asia

Hello Global Classroom community! I am honored to be here and hope you can all help me out with this new adventure I’ve decided to embark upon.

Being able to participate in #Kinderchat and other educational Twitter chats has changed my life as a teacher. I have never had so much professional development, resources, ideas and collaboration at my fingertips. Believe me, I was one of the most hesitant to take on Twitter and had a hard time believing how it could help me as a teacher. Now that I’m in it, I can’t imagine teaching without it!

Here is my problem, I am in Asia and most of the Twitter chats I would like to participate in, happen on the other side of the globe = time zone issues. I’m usually teaching when most of these chats are occurring.

So, what is Project #Kinderchat Asia?

This is my attempt to gather early childhood teachers in Asia who want to share ideas, discuss issues, compare notes, collaborate and connect classrooms. Interested? Keep reading.

To learn more about #Kinderchat and the philosophy behind it: CLICK HERE


I realized that I know a number of AMAZING early childhood teachers around Asia, but very few are on Twitter. So far I’ve been unsuccessful at getting them to sign up, even when they have expressed interest. So, in an effort to give that gentle nudge, I’m going to break the process down into smaller steps. Today, I only want you to do three simple things.

(If you are interested and are already on Twitter, skip to step 3)

Step 1:

Sign up for Twitter: CLICK HERE to go to the sign up page.

Step 2:

Follow me: @PanaAsavavatana

Step 3:

Tweet me to let me know you’re interested in the the project. Don’t know how? Just copy and paste this and hit ‘Tweet’:

@PanaAsavavatana I’m interested in #Kinderchat in Asia.

THAT’S IT! I’m going to see if I get enough responses, then I will reveal the next steps on how to start getting involved in the world of Twitter and #Kinderchat in hopefully two weeks.

You can also follow me on my blog where I will post updates to the project:

Friends, help me spread the word! I need to gather enough interest for this to materialize and I know there are fabulous educators out there, so let’s collaborate!


2 thoughts on “Project #Kinderchat Asia

  1. Hi Miss Pana,

    I’m located in the United States….Atlanta Georgia. I’m currently in school to get my Master’s in Early Childhood Education. One of our assignment is to get a pen pal in the education field and correspond for at least 8 weeks. One of my requirement is to touch base at least once or twice a week. Would you like to be pen pals?
    My contact information is [removed]. Below is detailed information of my assignment. I look forward to hearing from you!!!

    Sherry Middleton

    Here’s my assignment:
    For Part 1, “Establishing Professional Contacts,” you will establish contact with two early childhood professionals outside the United States. Your goal over the next weeks is to grow in your understanding of their perspectives on some of the issues and trends explored in this course. The reason for establishing at least two contacts is so that you are not dependent on the availability of only one person for the duration of the course. However, you are welcome to contact more than two. The purpose of Part 2, “Expanding Resources,” is to broaden your knowledge about available resources in the field through studying one early childhood organization’s website and related resources.

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