Empathy and Action (Sept 14/15 #globalclassroom chats)

Kids, when provided opportunities, have so much enthusiasm for righting injustice in the world. Whether it’s recycling, saving the snow leopard, befriending lonely old folk, or raising money for less-advantaged schools, once they identify a need they’ll aim to put it right. Their can-do, will-do attitude cuts through, and brushes aside, the artificial mental restrictions of adults.

Or does it? Perhaps, our adult restrictions stifle the most enthusiastic of children. Perhaps our own inability to model empathy and taking action has left our learners selfish and narrow minded. The world revolves around “me” so what’s the point of doing anything for anyone down the road, let alone half way round the world who we’ll never meet, never talk to, and who won’t do anything in return for us? Does it really matter what one or two kids do? Will it really have an impact?

This weekend’s #globalclassroom chat is about bringing Empathy to social inequities and taking Action to do something about it. I hope you’ll join us!

Guiding Questions

  1. Can you share examples of projects / activities which encouraged students to have empathy and take action?
  2. How do we create a learning environment which enables students to take these kinds of actions?
  3. What are the skills / mindset teachers and students need to make this approach work in classrooms?
  4. How can we best integrate this approach into our curriculum and assessment?

Chat Schedule

Chat 1 ~ Saturday, September 14th, 10:00 – 11:00 UTC

  • 11:00 London, 12:00 (noon) Cape Town, 15:30 New Delhi, 18:00 Perth, 20:00 Sydney, 22:00 Auckland
  • Click here to find out when this is in YOUR timezone.

Chat 2 ~ Saturday, September 14th, 18:00 – 19:00 UTC

  • 11:00 Los Angeles, 14:00 New York, 19:00 London, 20:00 Cape Town, 06:00 SUNDAY – Auckland
  • Click here to find out when this is in YOUR timezone.

Chat 3 ~ Sunday, September 15th, 01:00 – 02:00 UTC (Saturday in N & S America!)

  • Saturday night – 18:00 Los Angeles, 21:00 New York
  • Sunday – 06:30 New Dehli, 09:00 Perth, 11:00 Sydney, 13:00 Auckland
  • Click here to find out when this is in YOUR timezone.

Further Reading

Thankyou to @clivesir and @@ToscaKilloran for organising the topic for this month’s chat 🙂

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