Thanks for the Edublogs Awards Nominations!


We’re thrilled to announce that a number of #globalclassroom teachers, and the project itself, have been nominated for the 2013 Edublogs Awards! Thank you to the wonderful people who sent in the nominations, and we’d greatly appreciate it if you’d take a moment to vote for your favourites!

Best Class Blog 

Louise Morgan is one of our #globalclassroom Lead Teachers and main organisers, and we’re really excited that her class blog, Mrs Morgan’s Superstars, has been nominated this year! It’s a fantastic record of how her students “are learning with the world, not just about it”, and we’re happy to recommend it! Please click here to vote!

Best Individual Tweeter

Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1 has been a long-time friend of the #globalclassroom Twitter community, and is highly regarded one of the most helpful people on Twitter. Please stop by and vote for him if you can 🙂

Best Educational Wiki

We’re proud to have The Travelling Rhino Project (Save our Rhinos) AND the Global Classroom 2013-14 Wikis nominated this year. We’d greatly appreciate a vote for both, but if you had to pick one, the Rhinos project is one of the best projects we’ve ever been associated with, and deserves the recognition. Please cast your votes here.

Best Twitter Hashtag

The #globalclassroom chats have been one of our proudest achievements of the project to date, and we’re proud to have the #globalclassroom hashtag nominated this year. Please vote here! 🙂

Best Educational Use of a Social Network

I personally nominated our project partners, Hello Little World Skypers, for this year’s award, as it has served as such a valuable model for the development of the #globalclassroom’s online community spaces. I’m very pleased to see them make the Finalists, and you can vote for them here.

Best Open PD / Webinar/ Unconference Series

The Global Education Conference Network has been nominated again this year, and with this conference giving so many #globalclassroom teachers the chance to share their experiences and stories with the world, we would love to see it win :). Please cast your vote here.

Lifetime Achievement 

Anne Mirtschin, one of our amazing mentors and inspirational global educators has been nominated, and we’d greatly appreciate it if you’d vote for her this year!


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