#globalclassroom Conversations & Interviews

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had the privilege of chatting with some amazing educators around the world, sharing #globalclassroom stories through podcasts and a Google “Hangout on Air”.

In case you missed them, we highly recommend taking a few moments to watch / listen to these –

The Global Classroom Project – Every Classroom Matters with Cool Cat Teacher (Podcast)

Despite having to get up at 5AM, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to chat with Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher), one of the two amazing global educators who inspired this very project. You can listen to / download the podcast here.

The Global Classroom @ ACCELN “Hangout on Air”

This was the first ever #globalclassroom “Hangout on Air”, hosted by Amanda Rablin and Roland Gesthuizen from the ACCE Learning Network.

Featuring passionate teachers from Australia, South Africa, USA, and Taiwan – this was one of the most international #ACCELN hangouts ever, and we look forward to returning to the show in 2014. A number of people dropped in while we were on air, so this one is worth watching all the way through!


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