The Complete International Cookbook Project -2014

My good friend, Matt McGuire, an educator from New Brunswick, Canada, is starting up a new project called the Complete International Cookbook Project.  This will be his second edition of the cookbook.  The Complete International Cookbook project is an innovative, culturally-diverse activity where students in classrooms from all over the globe contribute recipes which may be special family traditions or part of their cultural heritage. The end result is a culturally diverse, professionally published cookbook which can be accessed, purchased, and shipped to just about anywhere in the world at a very reasonable price.

A link to his previous project is


Profits from the sale of the cookbook will be allocated, this year, to Help Lesotho. Lesotho is a country in southern Africa. It is the third highest AIDS-populated country in the world. Help Lesotho’s Child Sponsorship program enables high school students to continue their schooling and become educated, productive members of their communities. Prohibitive high school fees mean that many students will not go beyond the primary school level.  Matt would love to help as many high school students as possible graduate with the proceeds from The International Cookbook.

Interested?  Contact Matt at


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