The Global Classroom at #ISTE2014

Preston Morgan, Anne Mirtschin, Theresa Allen, Karen Stadler, Robyn Thiessen, Louise Morgan

So many of our lead teachers have convened at #ISTE2014. After the opening keynote, The Global Classroom hosted a poster session. We met so many amazing educators who are eager to connect their classrooms and participate in global projects.

About us: 

Since the beginning of the project in June 2011, we have built vibrant online collaborative spaces and a global network, helping teachers and students around the world to explore new ways to connect, share, learn and collaborate globally.

We have grown to include over 500 K-12  teachers from 40+ countries around the world and we have hosted approximately 50 global projects – organized and run by our participants. You can find out more about our history, and projects by visiting our current wiki – at

If you have a great idea for a global project, we can help you organize it and get participants so that you will be successful. We have many lead teachers and mentors that will help you get started. If you are not ready to host your own project, but would like to participate, you can do that too!

We are in the planning stages for the 2014-15 school year. If you would like to host a project, particiate, and learn more about us, please complete the form below.



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