Bringing Up A School

The day before the schools reopen in Kerala, a piece of news arrested my eyes!

News in Malayala Manorama Daily, 31 May 2015

Malayala Manorama Daily, 31 May 2015

The report mentioned a 95 year old village school that faced closure as there were not enough students to justify the expenses incurred by the Government. Seven teachers for a total of 25 students in five standards! Unless more students join, the school will be closed down! Result is painful:

  • The village loses part of her history
  • Villagers lose the school that beamed the light of knowledge, for almost a century!
  • Teachers lose their jobs
  • The poor lose out on all counts!

Government schools provide FREE education to the disenfranchised. But once closed, there is no chance of revival. The poor families will have no place to educate their children!

I studied at Edward Memorial Government Upper Primary School, Veli, Fort Cochin. I know Government schools’ facilities and lessons are on par, if not better, with private schools. Students are lured away from Government Schools as teachers are not updated, up-skilled.

My parents were Head Teachers of Government Schools. The news that a school closed down due to lack of students would hurt the teachers’ spirit in my deceased parents.

I decided to give the school a heart transplant – connected learning with Global Classrooms. I offered my FREE training to the teachers, parents and students of the school.

On 1 June, 2015, I was a part of the party – Praveshanotsavam (School Reopening Celebration)

At the PTA meeting that day, the Head Mistress asked me to present my proposal to the PTA.

“It takes a village to educate a child” I quoted an African proverb.
In this global village, it takes a globe to educate a child. At ‘The Global Classroom’, everyone is just a call away. We are all connected through the web of relationships. Let us use the power of networked learning to revive this school. I volunteer my personal mentoring. I shall involve the PTA at connected learning with The Global Classroom Project, ensure ample positive publicity to the school and force a rethinking by the Government, forestalling the closure of the school.

Three years ago, Michael Graffin had a Skype conversation with our Finance Minister as the duo inaugurated Learn English Online together at a Skype Linkup.

  • Connected learning is sure to improve performance of school.
  • It is sure to bring media attention highlighting the school’s achievements.

The Global Classroom at this village classroom could change history in this remote village. The school shall be a role model to all schools in Kerala.

“My colleagues at The Global Classroom Project, please join me in this crusade to save a school from oblivion”.


2 thoughts on “Bringing Up A School

  1. i will come soon in your class. Now I am busy in NCC camps and its work.But I never would loose your offer to help me Earn While I Learn! ….

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