#globalclassroom Chat: Local is Global!

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Where is my family from? Why don’t we throw trash on the ground? Where does our tap water come from? Where do you live compared to where I live?

If questions such as these regularly peak the curiosity of your students and drive inquiry-based learning, then you are already connecting the local to the global in your classroom. As teachers embrace global education initiatives, the focus often goes beyond their own communities, states, and countries. Students learn about cultures and climates around the globe, they explore and find solutions for global issues, and connect with organizations and other classrooms in far off countries. But what about local topics, issues and events? How do they connect to the global and how do they have implications that go well beyond the local?

For this month’s chat, let’s focus on the idea that local is global and global is local. We want to hear about how you and your students dive into local issues, make authentic connections between right-here-at-home and far-far-away, and engage in your own community while going global.


Q1: How/where do you make local connections – to people, organizations & issues? What is the benefit of such connections? #globalclassroom

Q2: What local issues have global significance? How have you connected the local to the global? #globalclassroom

Q3: How can we take local action on larger global issues? What does this mean for our students? #globalclassroom

Q4: How has a global issue helped solve a local one? What resources did you use? #globalclassroom


Based on past experience with the #globalclassroom chats, we are trialling an adjusted chat timetable, with two (rather than three) chats typically starting on the second or third Saturday of the month. The sharing and learning that comes from these discussions enriches our practice and the learning experiences of our students. We hope that you will join us!

Check below for the time that best fits with your zone:

Chat 1 ~ Saturday September 19, 2015

10:00 UTC (Europe/Asia/Australia)

  • 6:00 North Carolina, 11:00 London, 12:00 (noon) Cape Town, 15:30 New Delhi, 18:00 Perth, 20:00 Sydney, 22:00 Auckland
  • Click here to find out when this is in YOUR timezone.

Chat 2: Saturday September 19, 2015

23:00 UTC (Americas/Asia/Australia).

  • Saturday night USA – 16:00 Los Angeles, 19:00 New York and North Carolina
  • Sunday morning – – 07:00 Perth, 9:00 Sydney, 11:00 Auckland
  • Click here to find out when this is in YOUR timezone.

We hope to see you online on September 19, 2015. Use #globalclassroom and join in on the conversation!


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