Global Classroom 2015-16 – A call for new projects and leaders

2015-07-03 08.00.57

Meeting The Global Classroom at ISTE 2015

Since its foundation in 2011, The Global Classroom Project has been constantly evolving. We’ve tried new media platforms, experimented with new projects and community spaces, and worked with some seriously amazing people. And, despite some seriously challenging moments behind the scenes, we’re still here. It is hard to believe, but 2015-16 is our fifth year of operation.

For the past few years, this project community has been run by two people, and last year, due to my difficult personal circumstances, it was run by just one. As much as we love this project, and what we’ve achieved, relying on one or two people to keep this community alive stretches friendships and passion beyond their limits. And as both of us step back this year to pursue new interests and jobs, we have to make some changes to how this project community works.

From October 2015, this project will centre on this blog.

We will no longer create and maintain annual project wikis. If you would like to share a project on this blog, please use this project planning template, and email / tweet us a link (@gcporganisers).

Please include a user ID in your correspondence, as your project will be published a lot faster if you post under your name!

We are seeking to create a core group of advisors and bloggers to maintain this blog, and help new project leaders.

If you can help, please email globalclassroomorganisers AT, and include a ID. We would love for advisors and bloggers to post to this blog at least twice between now and June 2016.

With the help of VIF Learn, we are continuing to develop the #globalclassroom chats.

I can’t believe that these Twitter chats, dreamed up in the middle of the night, will celebrate their fourth birthday in November 2015. We would love to work with new moderators, and topic suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Please tweet @gcporganisers or @michellemacumber.


Going forward, we may not be as massive a project community as we have been in previous years; however, the connections and friendships we have forged bond us together. We are not lone wolves, we are a community.

And we’re here to help.


2 thoughts on “Global Classroom 2015-16 – A call for new projects and leaders

  1. Hi,

    I am very excited to submit a project idea and be a part of The Global Classroom Project again this year! Please see all the details about World Without Walls here .

    Thanks! Jancey Clark

    Jancey Clark ES Learning Coach | American International School- Riyadh P.O. Box 990 Riyadh 11421, KSA [image: 4_googleplus_icon] [image: 2_twitter_icon] [image: 1_facebook_icon] [image: 6_pinterest_icon] [image: 5_youtube_icon]

    As a school committed to *excellence*, we will educate and inspire our students to be *responsible*, *productive* and *ethical* world citizens with the skills and passion to *think creatively*, *reason critically*, *communicate effectively* and *learn continuously*. We will accomplish this in an American educational environment characterized by high measurable standards and a clearly defined, appropriately interrelated college preparatory curriculum, implemented by a superior staff in partnership with students, parents, and the community.

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